Jakob Lazzaro, March 7, 2019

Jakob Lazzaro, Justin Curto and Sophia Lo Can't Let Go of Baby Shark and letting a friend down, Oscar drama and poetry readings, and the potential heat death of the universe and missed connections: sushi edition. Stories featured in this episode hail from Slate’s Decoder Ring, The Oscars and Space.com. Transcript below.

[Music: Little Lily Swing]

Jakob Lazzaro: Hello, and welcome back to Can't Let Go, the NBN podcast where we discuss the news stories and the personal stories from the past week or several weeks or whatever that we can just not get out of our heads. I'm your host, Jakob Lazzaro, and today, as always, I’ve got two guests with me. We’ve got returning, eternal guest Justin Curto — Justin, say hi.

Justin Curto: [Laughs] Hi.

Jakob: And we’ve got new guest Sophia Lo.

Sophia Lo: Hi, I’m Sophia and I’m exhausted.

Jakob: Justin wants to go first for ...


Jakob Lazzaro, March 4, 2019

In the 1950s, Northwestern had a big problem. The university wanted to expand following World War II, but there was simply not enough space. The solution? Lake Michigan. In 1962, Northwestern started to expand eastward by creating new land off its coastline. When construction finished a few years later, the lakefill we now all know and love had doubled the size of the university’s campus.

But if getting more land was the central issue, why did Northwestern make a big chunk of the lakefill, well, a lake?

The Lakefill was inaugurated with much pomp and ceremony in October 1964. Adlai Stevenson was the distinguished speaker – a Northwestern graduate, two-time Democratic presidential candidate, and JFK’s ambassador to the United Nations.

“And I’m also deeply indebted to you sir, and all of the trustees and your associates, for this invitation to participate in the dedication of this magnificent and imaginative new campus.” Stevenson said in the dedication, whose audio ...



Sophia Lo: Hi everyone, welcome to…

Everyone: Second GenerAsian!

Sophia: I’m Sophia.

Hannah Julie Yoon: I’m Hannah.

David Deloso: and I’m David.

Hannah: And today’s special guest, we have our friend Gabby!

Gabby Rabon: Hi!

Hannah: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Gabby: Sure, so I am a quarter Japanese and otherwise very very White. I’m a freshman here studying Journalism and Spanish.

Hannah: How do you know us?

Gabby: We all live together in CRC.

Hannah: Yes we do!

Gabby: It's great.

David: So when you were growing up, were people aware that you were part Asian?

Gabby: I mean, sort of. I look very White so it's not something people would have guessed right away, but it was always one of those “fun fact” things for when we had culture day in school, you know, the teachers would always ask my mom to bring in our Japanese ...


Jakob Lazzaro, Feb. 19, 2019

Jakob Lazzaro, Maggie Harden and David Deloso Can't Let Go of Rod Blagojevich and flight simulation, Amy Klobuchar and shower drains, and 21 Savage and taco bars. Stories featured in this episode hail from WBEZ Chicago, CNN and BuzzFeed News. Transcript below.

[Music: Little Lily Swing]

Jakob Lazzaro: Hello, welcome back to Can't Let Go, the NBN podcast where we discuss the news stories and the personal stories from the past week or two weeks or three weeks or amount of weeks that varies based on how busy I am that we can just not get out of our heads. I'm your host, Jakob Lazzaro, and today I’ve got two guests with me, one of whom has a lot of power right now – Maggie Harden, the current EIC of NBN.

Maggie Harden: Hello.

Jakob: Yes, hello. And one is a new guest, David Deloso, who is doing a lot of great audio work with the podcast ...


Tenny Tsang, Feb. 19, 2019

(Clair de Lune, Debussy)

Hi guys! Welcome to episode five of Tenny’s Tunes! I am your host, Tenny.

Looking back, we have covered a variety of music, from popular Japanese anime original soundtracks to what I call the genre of online artists. The reason being, so many talented musicians exist on the Internet, showing off their unique styles, that attempting to attribute each one with a specific genre in music history is a tedious, if not impossible, job. Therefore, I thought to myself, why not define online artists in general as a new genre to make our lives easier?

Okay, I am going off topic. The thing is, I realized we haven’t yet discussed what is considered a giant among the genres, and that is classical music. As you might have guessed, my parents and grandparents raised me up as a kid who learned to play classical pieces on the piano, like just about the rest of the ...


[Second GenerAsian Theme - Tenny Tsang]

Sophia: Gong hei fat choy and sun leen fai lok!

Hannah: Sae hae bok mani badeu say yo!

David: Manigong Bagong Taon!

Sophia: Hi, I'm Sophia.

Hannah: I'm Hannah.

David: And I'm David.

Sophia: And welcome to another episode of...

All: Second GenerAsian!

Hannah: Today's snack of the day is Yakult. Yummy yummy Yakult. Or as we say in Korea, 야쿠르트. Favorite yogurt drink of many Asians.

David: Alright, our guest today is Tenny Tsang, at North by Northwestern's audio editor, from China.

Tenny: Hey guys, I'm Tenny. Thank you so much for inviting me onto Second GenerAsian.

Sophia: Thanks so much for helping us produce it.

Hannah: Yeah. For those of you who don't know, Tenny was the one who made our introduction music, so he's great, very skilled.

Tenny: Not so much.

David: So as you probably know, Lunar New Year is coming up soon ...


James Crisafulli, Feb. 4, 2019

It was a cold week in Evanston, but at least we had a fantastic week of political news to warm our hearts. Well, maybe it wasn’t fantastic, but there sure was a lot to talk about. From Venezuela to Washington, here are some of the week’s top stories.

Crisis in Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro, who won a widely denounced presidential election in May, now faces political opposition from Juan Guiaidó, the president of Venezuela’s national assembly. The U.S. and other democratic countries have supported the rebellion against the incumbent, while China and Russia have backed Maduro.

Intel report

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released a report on Tuesday outlining what they believe to be the gravest threats to U.S. national security. The report included mention of climate change, ISIS’s continued activity, denunciation of Russian election interference and caution about North Korean intentions, seemingly contradicting some of the Trump administration’s stances.

It was f ...


Avery Adams, Zach Watson, Jan. 31, 2019

Zach Watson: Hi! Welcome back to Station By Station.

Avery Adams: I'm Avery.

Zach: I'm Zach.

Avery: And this week we went to Cermak-Chinatown. It seems pretty far because it's past the Loop, but really it took a lot shorter time than I thought.

Zach: It was about an hour, and unlike California station, there was no bus needed. We just got on the train, from Northwestern, at least. So we took the Purple Line to Howard and then transferred to the Red Line, and then took that all the way down. It was pretty easy.

Avery: I took a little nap on the way, and we were just there! It was quite a cold day and we were thinking that we wanted some warm food, so we thought, "Why not Chinatown?" Good food we've heard of. When we first got out, to be completely honest, I thought Chinatown was a lot smaller than I expected ...


What does it really mean to be Asian American? In this episode, we try to answer that question through our own stories and upbringing. From language barriers to meme pages, Hannah, Sophia and David take a closer look at what makes the Asian American experience unique.

[Second GenerAsian Theme — Tenny Tsang]

Sophia Lo: Hi everyone, welcome to...

All: Second GenerAsian!

Sophia: I'm Sophia.

Hannah Julie Yoon: I'm Hannah.

David Deloso: And I'm David.

Hannah: And today's topic of the day is...

David: Defining Asian American. So, all three of us were born in the U.S. and we've lived here for pretty much our entire lives. We just wanted to explore how our experience and the experience of all Asian Americans is unique and distinct.

Sophia: So we'll all be talking a little bit about where we grew up and what it was like growing up and coming to Northwestern. David, what are your ...


Jakob Lazzaro, Jan. 21, 2019

Jakob Lazzaro, Justin Curto and Libby Berry Can't Let Go of heavy weights and past regrets, the busiest month in music history, fake news: the print edition, and the stress (and stress reliefs) of three separate new apartments. Stories featured in this episode hail from Gimlet Media, Pitchfork and NPR. Transcript below.

[Music: Little Lily Swing]

Jakob Lazzaro: Hello, welcome back to Can't Let Go, the NBN podcast where we discuss the news stories and the personal stories from the past week or very long six month passage of time that we can just not get out of our heads. I'm your host, Jakob Lazzaro, and I want to welcome you back to me hosting my own podcast after a sixth month break. I was working for WESA in Pittsburgh, which was great, and then I was studying abroad in Hong Kong. Both of those are places where you don’t just make your own podcast because ...


Tenny Tsang, Jan. 15, 2019

Tenny's Tunes Ep 4 - Childhood Idol, Case Closed

[Background: Thelonious Monk - Don’t Blame Me]

Welcome to episode four of Tenny’s Tunes. I am your host, Tenny!

Now, I wanna spend some time taking you back to childhood. Our childhood.

In cognitive psychology, we learned that crystallized intelligence, such as skills, knowledge and experience, increases with age while fluid intelligence, the ability to assess and solve problems in novel circumstances, decreases as we grow older. This leads some people to believe that the mind of a child is way more creative than that of an adult’s.

In other words, we can become smarter and wiser, but never more creative than our younger selves.

Scientific studies have produced persuasive evidence for this argument. A 1968 creativity test on 1,600 children conducted by George Land and Beth Jarman demonstrated a sharp drop in creativity score, from 98 percent at 5 years of age to 12 percent at 15 ...


Tenny Tsang, Nov. 14, 2018

[Composition 05 by Seprix]

Hi everyone, welcome to episode 3 of Tenny’s Tunes. I am your host, Tenny.

Now, you don’t have to be famous to be good at something. I think all of us, at some point in our lives, would find people around us that are just so talented at particular things they do. Perhaps one of your friends has a beautiful voice. Or that person sitting across from you in the dining hall just loves solving math problems.

Sometimes, we ourselves would receive praise from others. “Wow, you are so good at this! Why didn’t you tell me before?”

Seprix is one such person who has composed numerous pieces of music and has published them on Newgrounds. Little is known about him, or her, but it is apparent that piano is one of Seprix’s favorite instruments.

I am a great fan of Seprix, so I want to dedicate this week’s episode to ...


Tenny Tsang, Nov. 11, 2018

[The Promise of The World]

Hi guys, welcome to episode 2 of Tenny’s Tunes. I am your host Tenny.

Today is part two of Joe Hisaishi’s music. I have included a brief biography of Hisaishi in Ep 1 - The Lesson from Princess Mononoke, so if you are interested, please feel free to check it out.

If you have ever watched Howl’s Moving Castle, which came out in 2004, you know just how unfathomable Studio Ghibli’s imagination can extend to while still keeping reality in the background. In a fantasy and war-ridden world where magic serves as the main resource of warfare among nations, the magical moving castle belonging to the great wizard Howl continues to move across beautiful landscapes of nature, though not without any political turbulences along the way.

We will now play the main theme of Howl’s Moving Castle, composed by Joe Hisaishi. It is known by the name “Merry-Go-Round of Life” or ...


Avery Adams, Zach Watson, Nov. 7, 2018

A: Avery , Z: Zach

[The “El” train pulling into the station]

A: Hey, I’m Avery Adams.

Z: And I’m Zach Watson.

A: And we’re going to be exploring the Chicago area station by station.

Z: So yeah, it’ll be a good time. So, first station — where did we go?

A: We went to California Station.

Z: And how did we get there?

A: You tell me, Zach.

Z: Alright, so I think it took us about an hour to get there.

A: Yeah.

Z: So California, it’s close to Logan Square; it’s northwest of the city, and it’s a good neighborhood. So we got on the Davis station on the purple line, transferred at Howard to the red line, we got off at Fullerton and took a bus to California.

A: Yeah, that was the 74 bus?

Z: Yes, 74 bus. So yeah, if you’re a Northwestern student, getting there directly via ...


Tenny Tsang, Oct. 30, 2018

Objective: Introduce breathtakingly-beautiful melodies from any genre to the student body as well as the general public.

PROJECT 1: Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫)


(Tenny’s Tunes - The Piano Dude’s Music Channel)

[The Legend of Ashitaka - from “Princess Mononoke”]

Hey everyone, welcome to Tenny’s Tunes, where we explore some of the finest music from a variety of genres. I am your host Tenny.

On this frequency we do things differently. As a music performer myself, I will offer my interpretation for each week’s selected music by playing it on the piano. In this way, my active participation in both playing and discussing music will hopefully be of enjoyment to you.


Today, we go right into the soul of Japanese original sound tracks. In the field of music, if you are talking Japanese, there’s one composer who’s always on the top of the list. Indeed, seven-times winner of the Japanese Academy Award for Best Music, the ...