Keep up with Dance Marathon 2018 through NBN's 30-hour coverage

    It's that time of Winter Quarter – Dance Marathon 2018 is officially happening. Join us for the next 30 hours as we get you all the information you need to know, as it happens, from the tent. We'll put it all here: the photos, the haikus, the Q&As, the fast facts about celebrity appearances.

    Block 1: Comic Books & Captain Hooks

    Talking with Evanston Community Foundation President Monique Jones

    In Photos: Dancers enter the tent

    Sex or Shower? Block 1

    Five Fast Facts about Ben Rector

    A haiku for Block 1

    In Photos: Block 1

    Block 2: Space Jam

    Sex or Shower? Block 2

    A haiku for Block 2

    Five Fast Facts about Louis the Child

    In Photos: Block 2

    Block 3: It's Britney, Block

    Five Fast Facts about Lisa Joy

    Sex or Shower? Block 3

    Here's what else you could do in the 30 hours of Dance Marathon

    A haiku for Block 3

    In Photos: Block 3

    Block 4: u up?

    A haiku to introduce our new poet

    Five Fast Facts about Brussels.Sprout and Pickles the Pig

    Five Fast Facts about James Monroe Iglehart

    Sex or Shower? Block 4

    In Photos: Block 4

    A haiku for Block 4

    Block 5: Hot Tent Time Machine

    Five Fast Facts about Stephen Colbert

    Five Fast Facts about Josh Peck

    Sex or Shower? Block 5

    Five Fast Facts about Joe Biden

    In Photos: Block 5

    A haiku for Block 5

    Block 6: BLOCKbuster

    Talking with Cradles to Crayons senior manager of development David Cotugno

    Sex or Shower? Block 6

    Five Fast Facts about Nick Offerman

    In Photos: Block 6

    A haiku for Block 6

    Block 7: NU Kids on the Block

    Five Fast Facts about Kerry Wood

    Five Fast Facts about Dan Vitale

    Talking with the finance chairs

    Sex or Shower? Block 7

    In Photos: Block 7

    A haiku for Block 7

    Talking with the dancer and beneficiary relations chairs

    Block 8: Shiver Me Tinder

    Five Fast Facts about Sarah Koenig

    Sex or Shower? Block 8

    Talking with the food chairs

    Talking with the productions chairs

    A haiku for Block 8

    In Photos: Block 8

    Block 9: thx fr th mrthn

    Talking with the executive chairs

    Sex or Shower? Block 9

    Five Fast Facts about Addison Russell

    A haiku for Block 9

    In Photos: Block 9

    Block 10: The Cradle Will Rock

    Five Fast Facts About Ana Gasteyer

    A haiku for Block 10

    Sex or Shower? The finale

    In Photos: Block 10

    (Almost) every song played at Dance Marathon 2018:

    Check back throughout the 30 hours for more coverage.


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